Our Process

Your logical recruitment experience

Because we strip back the stress for employers, you get to sit back and enjoy the best bits of the recruitment journey.

From browsing a focused shortlist of CVs to hiring the very best from a brilliant bunch, here’s what your recruitment experience could look like.

1. Getting to know you

Before diving into the job spec, we take the time to understand your business, what makes it a great place to work, and what kind of person could really thrive there. We capture every detail there and then to minimise any future back-and-forth so you can sit back and wait for your shortlist of candidates.

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2. Find your perfect candidates

Once we know who you need, we research your sector’s unique talent pool, combing our extensive network and using intuitive algorithms to search for the right talent. We boost the signal with a bespoke job ad and accompanying digital marketing as we identify the right candidates to approach.

3. Choose from your shortlist

Before you’ve even read a single CV, we place all candidates through our exhaustive multi-stage assessment process. We measure skills, experience, attitude, cultural fit, commitment, and more. You’ll receive only 3 to 5 CVs representing the very best candidates; all 100% qualified and a brilliant potential fit for your business. Browse their vital stats and find out why they’d be a great pick.

How can we help you find the right person for your role?