About Logic Resourcing

Intuitive recruitment matching the right people with the best organisations.

We are an intuitive recruitment agency connecting top tier talent with the very best businesses across Staffordshire and Cheshire.

For us, recruitment isn’t a numbers game. It’s not about inundating you with applicants – we use an exhaustive selection process to hone in on candidates who are just right, so you get to choose the very best talent from a genuinely brilliant bunch.

Logic Resourcing was founded because we recognised a genuine need for recruitment done properly.

Forget recruitment driven by KPIs, cold calling and ‘tricks of the trade’– we bring our blend of authenticity, intuition, and genuine passion for what we do to create an elevated experience for both our client and their candidates.

We’re not just placing candidates into businesses – we’re matching people’s experience, values, personality, potential, and career aspirations with the right organisations. That way, the business gains a brilliant new team member who’s going to grow alongside the organisation.

Our process saves you time, effort and delivers results
Recuitment consultant Nathan Kingsbury at the Logic Resourcing office in Stoke-on-Trent
Recruitment consultant Alex Ingram at the Logic Resourcing office in Stoke-on-Trent

The logical approach to recruitment

Our approach to recruitment is informed by how we can create a positive, productive experience for both our clients and the candidates we’re connecting with.

Here are some of the ways we do that.

Connection is absolutely critical to recruitment, but you can’t have it without building trust. We earn the trust of both our client and the candidates by using clear, consistent communication, avoiding vague timelines, false promises, or off-putting jargon.


What’s the challenge?

In this business, you need to be able to forge an authentic connection with prospective candidates – especially if you’re headhunting. It’s tough to stand out while still remaining authentic, but we need to so our clients get the chance to meet with the best clients – cold calling is just not going to cut it!


How are we solving this problem?

We recognised that our genuine passion and approachability was getting diluted in voicemails and LinkedIn messages. So, we’ve started using video to connect powerfully with potential candidates.

We send the candidate a personalised video message outlining the opportunity, why we think they’d be incredible for it, and how we’re going to support them through the recruitment journey.


What’s the impact?

The effect of using video to reach out and headhunt talent has been transformative. Through the power of video, we can be better advocates for our clients and connect with more fantastic candidates.

In fact, it’s worked so well that we’re incorporating video into the selection process. For our retained clients, we’ll soon be offering filmed first stage interviews so you can choose your favourite candidates without sitting in first stage interviews, making the process feel even easier.

We work hard to ensure our clients have some brilliant candidates to choose from, and we believe strongly in quality over quantity. If we don’t put in the extra work to create a fantastic shortlist, you’re less ‘spoiled for choice’ and more overwhelmed with too many options.


What’s the challenge?

Our clients are looking to us to hone in on exactly what kind of candidate they’re looking for. Inundating your inbox with dozens of CVs and including “close enough” candidates wastes client time and makes the whole process feel exhausting.


How are we solving this problem?

We use an exhaustive, multi-step selection process to create our shortlist. Before our clients even see any CVs, we’ve already chatted with, interviewed, and vetted every potential candidate. We deep-dive with candidates about what they’re looking for, from salary to career progression.

When it’s time to review the shortlist, we send a selection of three to five CVs over to our clients. We include a write-up for each candidate that expands on their relevant experience, fleshes out their expectations, and includes our professional recommendations and things to look out for.


What’s the impact?

This comprehensive selection process is a huge benefit to both client and candidate.

Because we’ve taken the time to make sure, each candidate is 100% guaranteed to be qualified, experienced, and invested in the opportunity.

Because of the small number, clients can reasonably interview every candidate put forward if they wish – you skip the ‘CV filtering’ stage completely.

No more cold feet. We build in a ‘cool off’ period into our selection process so the only candidates you’ll meet are ready and raring to take up the job.

Plus, candidates can feel confident that they’re right for the role and that the role is right for them.

Maybe it’s an obvious point, but we couldn’t do what we do without really caring about everyone involved. We want to match brilliant candidates with the very best business so both can grow with and strengthen one another.


What’s the challenge?

There’s a lot at stake in the recruitment process. If the wrong candidate is placed in a business, everyone suffers – time is wasted, money is lost, and livelihoods are put at risk.

Some of our clients had been burned before by recruitment agencies, having chosen candidates who eventually turned out to be the wrong fit.


How are we solving this problem?

We’re driven by a genuine care for the outcome of each recruitment journey.

We take extra care to really understand exactly who and what a business is looking for in a new hire. This helps us outline the job spec more accurately, represent the business to candidates more authentically, and unite our clients with people who are going to excel and thrive in the role.

This extends to how we speak with candidates. We take the time to understand who they are, what they do best, where they want to be, and how well they’ll fit in the business.


What’s the impact?

When we’re given exclusive opportunity to recruit, we fill over 90% of the roles with fantastic candidates who are with the business for the long haul.

By taking more care earlier in the process, we save everyone time, money, and hassle. Our carefully written job specs attract more ideal candidates, and by getting it right the first time, you don’t need to spend more on recruiting again down the line.

By uniting more amazing candidates with brilliant businesses, we’re helping to kick off some incredible success stories in our own business community.

And if you’ll pardon our French, that’s the true power of giving a shit.

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