Celebrating Fan Ales and Stoke on Trent

Happy Friday from the Logic Resourcing Offices. We’re celebrating Friday as well as the start of a new Premiership season by cracking open a frosty bottle of Fan Ales Beer.

We love supporting local businesses, so we were really excited when we heard the news that friend of Logic, Adam Partington had teamed up with the award winning, Staffordshire based Lymestone Brewery, to provide a selection of football inspired beers.

The Beers are inspired by clubs from Liverpool, Manchester and Stoke on Trent and the imagery and messaging does a great job of evoking memories and emotion of your beloved club.

Stoke City Inspired Beers include:

  • Can he do it on a cold, wet, Tuesday night in Stoke – A light, crisp, refreshing lager with a slightly fruity flavour.
  • Wizard – A stunning combination of pale English malts and choice German hops.
  • We’ll be with you – A rich, dark beer that is carefully crafted from the finest crystal and chocolate malts.

Great branding, Great taste and it’s always good to support local, Staffordshire based businesses. Thanks Adam, we’re definitely going to make this a weekly tradition.

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