My First Month in Recruitment – Well that went fast!

So my first month as a Recruitment Manager has come and gone in a blink of an eye. The fast paced tempo and whirlwind environment that is recruitment has completely swept me up and I’ve loved every second!

Within my first 4 weeks I have experienced both the highs and lows as well as the thrill of getting my first take on for Logic Resourcing.

After working in a call centre environment for the biggest online gambling company in world as well as completing internal recruitment drives, I have been completely shocked and surprised by how much time and effort goes into finding the correct candidate for the employer by a recruitment agency. (or at least by Logic Resourcing)

I recently read a stat that in order to fill just 1 role with an employer, it takes on average 23 hours to locate the ideal candidate. After having gone through this myself, I could not agree more.

Coming from a big corporate company where I was inundated with candidates and CV’s to review, to having to go and proactively search job boards and screen candidates was a real eye opener. What this did show to me however was the length and detail that Logic Resourcing will go to in order to find the correct candidates for the roles. From the outside looking in, I was under the impression that recruitment agencies would be flooded with applicants and candidates to choose from when in fact I couldn’t have been any more wrong.

As much as it sounds like it’s been a drill, it couldn’t be any more opposite. Spending time in the office with Lee and Steve whilst I pro-actively searched through job boards in order to find those ‘diamonds in the rough’ has been an absolute pleasure. (apart from Steve constantly trying to play footsie with me under the table and the amount of stick I have received being the ‘new guy.’)

What have I been recruiting for? 

In these last 4 weeks I have mainly been recruiting Call Centre – Customer Service roles which based on my background has made my introduction to the recruitment world much smoother.

Having previously been in Managerial positions within call centres, it has given me a great knowledge and allowed me to fully understand the job role, the requirements of the employer and the characteristics of people required in order to complete the role.

As mentioned at the start of this blog, I have experienced both highs and lows whilst recruiting these roles. This has ranged from candidates not turning up for interviews and completely ghosting me to candidates being over the moon to have been offered a job position.

I can honestly say that no matter how bad the lows feel, when you get a candidate that you have spent hours finding, communicating with and preparing for the interview process a job offer from the employer it’s a feeling like no other.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that when I joined the Logic team I was excited and looking forward to working for a recruitment company that truly cares about their candidates and ensures that employers are getting quality candidates being sent to them rather than multiple below par candidates and I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed.

I may be biased due to this being my place of work and I may not be able to comment due to not having worked for other recruitment agencies however the feedback that Logic Resourcing receives from Candidates and Employers is nothing but positive. Why not take a look for yourself at our Google reviews if you don’t believe me?

So what next?

My ambition moving forward is to start working with other call centres around the Stoke-On-Trent area and using my experience and knowledge in order to recruit quality personnel for their business needs.

Logic Resourcing is a Stoke-on-Trent company, who is ran by local lads wanting to give back to the community and work with local companies. SO GIVE US A SHOUT AND GET IN TOUCH!