Recruiting For The Gambling And Gaming Industry: How To Build A Winning Team

Recruiting for the gambling and gaming industry presents unique challenges and requires a nuanced approach.

In a recent episode of Nobody Likes Recruiters, Nathan Kingsbury, an industry expert with extensive experience, sheds light on the specific personality types that are naturally drawn to this exciting field.

When it comes to finding the right talent for your gambling and gaming business, it’s crucial to consider a combination of traits that contribute to success in this fast-paced industry.

While the traits we list in this article may sound like typical recruitment buzzwords, qualities such as a competitive nature, resilience, a strong sense of focus, and the ability to adapt quickly to change are highly valued.

Passion for sports and betting, coupled with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved, can also be incredibly beneficial in this industry.

Again, these qualities are not mere buzzwords but genuine indicators of potential success in the dynamic world of gambling and gaming.

Interestingly, companies like Bet 365 often prioritize future potential over previous experience, especially when it comes to junior roles. They are willing to invest in and develop fresh talent, often seeking out graduates to shape and mold them over a longer period of time.

It’s important to acknowledge that the gambling industry may carry negative connotations for some individuals due to personal beliefs or potential challenges.

However, this should not deter recruiters. Instead, the focus should be on identifying candidates who possess the right mix of skills, personality, and passion to thrive in this competitive and ever-evolving industry.

One of the challenges in recruiting for the gambling and gaming industry is finding candidates who are not already in positions. These companies excel at nurturing and promoting talent from within, resulting in lower turnover rates compared to other industries.

Recruitment consultant Nathan Kingsbury at the Logic Resourcing office in Stoke-on-Trent
Recruitment consultant Nathan Kingsbury

Nathan’s career progression, starting as a Customer Service Advisor and rising to the position of Deputy Manager in Gibraltar, exemplifies the upward mobility available within the industry.

To attract a young and vibrant workforce, many companies now offer appealing graduate schemes, create enjoyable work environments, and provide flexibility. These adaptations reflect the evolving preferences and expectations of the next generation of employees.

Towards the end of the podcast, Nathan highlights the importance of looking beyond typical qualifications when evaluating candidates for gambling and gaming roles. This rings true in my experience as well.


Consider the following factors when making hiring decisions:

Personality and cultural fit:

Seek candidates who align with the company’s values and can thrive within the organizational culture.

Experience and skills:

While prior experience in the gambling industry can be advantageous, don’t overlook the value of transferable skills gained in other industries. Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, for example, can contribute to success in gambling and gaming roles.

Adaptability and learning potential:

Given the industry’s constant evolution, candidates who can quickly adapt and embrace change are highly desirable. Look for individuals who demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow.

Passion for the industry:

Genuine enthusiasm for the gambling and gaming field can be a significant driver of success. Candidates who are passionate about the industry are more likely to go the extra mile, continuously improve, and contribute to the overall success of the team.


Remember, qualifications and accreditations are not always the best indicators of a candidate’s abilities. Assessing a candidate’s potential and fit within the industry requires a comprehensive evaluation that goes beyond the surface level.

By employing a holistic approach to recruitment and considering the qualities discussed, you can assemble a winning team that will thrive in the dynamic world of the gambling and gaming industry.

In conclusion, building a winning team in the gambling and gaming industry requires a thoughtful approach to recruitment.

As we explored in this article, there are unique personality types and traits that contribute to success in this fast-paced and competitive field.

Traits like a competitive nature, resilience, focus, adaptability, and a passion for sports and betting are key indicators of potential success.

We also discovered that gambling and gaming companies often prioritise future potential over previous experience, investing in talented individuals and shaping them over time.

While negative connotations may exist around the industry, it should not deter recruiters from finding candidates who possess the right mix of skills, personality, and passion.

Looking beyond typical qualifications is essential when evaluating candidates. Factors such as cultural fit, relevant skills and experience, adaptability, and passion for the industry should be considered.

Remember, credentials alone do not always reflect a candidate’s true potential!

To delve deeper into the insights shared in this article, I highly recommend listening to the accompanying podcast episode featuring Nathan.

Put simply, you will gain even more valuable information and firsthand experiences from an industry expert with over fifteen years of recruitment expertise in the gambling and gaming industry.

The podcast will provide you with further insights and tips to help you navigate the recruitment process and assemble a winning team that thrives in this ever-evolving industry.

I know that sounds like a proper sales pitch, but it’s true!

So, grab your headphones or settle into your favorite spot, and tune in to the full episode to unlock even more knowledge and guidance on building a winning team in the gambling and gaming industry.

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