Do you have the right digital marketing recruitment in place to drive online success?

Over the past twelve months, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for digital marketing roles from large organisations, SMEs and agencies. 

From insurance and financial services to manufacturing and engineering, all industries are seeking experienced digital marketers to help build their online presence.  

Even marketing agencies and online retail organisations are recruiting apprentice roles and additional team members as their clients’ demand for support in digital marketing has exponentially risen.

Adapt or struggle

Of course, pandemic restrictions have forced a change in the workplace, with most organisations switching to staff working from home or a hybrid policy.

Bricks and mortar companies have shut up shop or pivoted to operate takeaway and delivery business models or moved to solely selling online. It’s been tough, and many business owners have faced one colossal dilemma – how to leverage the online world.

Digital marketing roles are highly skilful, and if you want to hit the ground running (in the case of your business structure changing overnight), choosing experienced staff is the way forward.


Because online selling and relationship building isn’t the same as face-to-face over-the-counter selling. As with all forms of marketing and sales, strategy and evaluation are critical. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will result in success or failure. When online, you are no longer competing with guys in the next town but with guys in the next county and country.

Digital marketing roles require a unique skillset

Embracing the shift from traditional marketing tactics to digital requires new skills. 

Knowledge about search engine optimisation (SEO), online pay per click (PPC) strategies and organic and paid-for social media content creation is in demand. And these roles are not for the fainthearted. It takes testing and measuring to ensure success.

Many roles exist purely in online marketing, including:

  • Head of marketing (broad skills)
  • Digital marketing manager
  • PPC executive
  • Digital account manager
  • SEO executive
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media manager
  • Digital content writer

For businesses that want to progress in the online world, digital marketing recruitment is a must. Let’s face it, most companies will not flip the cyber opening hours to permanently closed once things get back to (a new) normal.

Find the right candidate for your business

No doubt you will have had the experience of a bad recruit. Aside from the loss of money and wasted time, hiring the wrong person for a role can have enormous consequences for a business. Costs such as upsetting an existing team’s culture, losing customers, and process errors add stress to an already stressful time.  

Having the peace of mind that a good egg is about to join your team, who can plug the gaps and take your organisation to the next level is essential. 

What benefits can a digital marketing employee bring?

There is still a place for physical shops, events and community activities. Having an online string to your sales and marketing bow will ensure multiple benefits in attracting new customers and nurturing existing clients.

  • Boost online presence
  • Gain affordable inbound lead generation
  • Build brand authority
  • Increased enquiries, bookings and sales
  • Tap into a brand new audience

Online marketing will enable a business to get great at niche marketing. Using specific targeting parameters will allow you to home in on your target audience – with ease.

Sophisticated statistics will let you know almost instantly about how successful your efforts are. But there’s an art to setting this up effectively and deciphering the analytics. That’s where support with digital marketing recruitment can pay for itself.

Digital marketing recruitment from Logic Resourcing

At Logic Resourcing, we understand digital marketing recruitment and the type of candidate that can add value to a business.

Suppose you are a recruitment manager, business owner or head of recruitment looking to recruit qualified digital marketing staff or set up a digital apprenticeship scheme. In that case, Logic Resourcing can support you every step of the way.

  • Identify current skills gaps
  • Preparation of job description and skills needed 
  • Recruitment advert management
  • Candidate screening
  • Pre-interview questions 
  • Final CVs selection and presentation with an overview synopsis
  • Interview guidance

The best people for the job aren’t always looking for a new challenge, so how can you ensure the right people apply? This is how the Logic Resourcing headhunting service adds value. We spend time searching for the ideal candidate that will fit the role you need in your business and approach them for you. It’s simple. You leave everything to us.

Why Logic Resourcing?

We specialise in digital marketing recruitment, including highly specialised roles that are analytical. We work well with organisations at the start of their recruitment journey and advise on the best positions to suit your business stage. 

For digital marketing recruitment that works, contact a team member on 01782 489784 for an initial consultation about your digital marketing recruitment needs.

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