Logic Resourcing – A Top Rated Recruitment Agency

When we started Logic Resourcing, we didn’t want to be the biggest, or the most profitable recruitment agency, but we did want to stand out from the crowd.

We wanted to stand out for the level of service we provide to our candidates and clients.

As we look back over the last 1 2months, one of our biggest achievements is to have been recognised as one of Stoke-on-Trent’s best recruitment agencies on the back of scores of top reviews from our satisfied clients.

At Logic Resourcing we have always prided ourselves on the service we deliver to those seeking a new career, and the organisations we work hard to match up with the right candidates. This philosophy of always putting ‘service over sales’ has now led to recognition from not only those who we work with but the nationally recognised Three Best Rated website. The site – which helps around four million people every month – seeks out the top three businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors in local areas. Through the highly rated reviews we have accumulated Three Best Rated has placed Logic Resourcing as one of the three top recruitment agencies in Stoke-on-Trent.

In addition to that we now have over 50 five-star Google reviews from our many satisfied clients. We are delighted by the recognition and it’s satisfying that our vision of an agency focused on quality over quantity, and service over sales numbers, has won us such plaudits. Having both worked in internal recruitment we saw the pressures and frustrations faced by busy company directors, who simply wanted the right people for the right role. Our service takes away this frustration, simplifies the process – but doesn’t just look to fill a position with anyone, we make sure it’s the right fit for everyone concerned.

Because of our background and experience we realised just what the industry needed and we have developed a clear process that is transparent for employers and candidates. Our reputation is one which has been built on this ethos and making ourselves an approachable, friendly, and ultimately honest recruitment agency. By operating in this way we build long-lasting relationships where organisations will keep coming back to us as they know the effort we put into every single appointment.

The reviews we have received have praised our ‘responsive and professional’ manner of handling queries with one head of manufacturing calling us a ‘breath of fresh air’ and a ‘dynamic business’. Meanwhile a satisfied estates manager labelled both our experience and communication as ‘excellent’ after landing what he’s called his ‘ideal job’.

‘I couldn’t recommend Logic enough,’ a customer service manager wrote in another glowing review. That satisfied customer was helped by Steve in getting ready for the interview to dealing with the company which went on to hire him.

One head of HR we deal with says their firm would have ‘no hesitation’ in recommending us and praised our professionalism and appreciation we show over their custom.

Such reviews mean a great deal to us and we are grateful to our satisfied clients taking the time to spread the word of the top-class service they have received. With their endorsements, the rapidly growing number of five-star Google Reviews, and an endorsement by Three Best Rated we head into this New Year with a simple message to anyone who hasn’t worked with us yet – what are you waiting for