The aim of Job Avert is to attract candidates and encourage them to apply for a position.

Do it right and your vacancy will tower head and shoulders above your competitors, but get it wrong and you risk either losing out on the best talent or being inundated with applications that are not suitable for the role.

The formula for writing an effective job advert is simple: 

  • Attention: Grab the attention of candidates searching for jobs
  • Interest: Hook their interest and make them want to ‘read on’
  • Desire: Help the candidate understand why the role is a perfect match for them
  • Action: Get them to apply for the job

How do I write the perfect job advert?

Before you begin writing a Job Advert, it’s vitally important that you ask yourself the key question:

“Why would someone leave their current job and take this one” or “Why is working for my company better than working for the company down the road”.

The answers to this question are pure gold as it should be used as the basis of your job advert. It will grab the attention of a candidate, hook their interest, and ultimately be the deciding factor in whether they apply for the role.

When it comes to writing the job advert, some people prefer paragraphs and some people prefer bullet points. Personally, I like a mixture of both, but this is just down to preference. Whatever you decide, make sure to avoid large chunks of text or an excessive amount of bullet points, as this will simply overwhelm candidates and may make them skip over your advert.

So, how should I structure a Job Advert?

The Top half

The top half of the advert should be used to grab the attention and engage with job seekers, helping them understand that their work-life / situation would be better if they were to get this role.

  • Paragraph 1: Grab their attention with an opening sentence that makes a candidate want to stop mid scroll and pay full attention to reading the advert.

“Looking for a Customer Service role that offers a great work-life balance and flexibility to work from home”

  • Paragraph 2:  Hook their Interest with some more key reasons to work for your company:

What are the company benefits? Why is this a great place to work? What makes this role amazing?

The Bottom Half

At this point, the candidate should already be excited by the position, so this section of the advert should be used to appeal to their profile and experience. If the skills and experience of the reader match those listed in the advert, then you’ll start to build a desire!  

  • Paragraph 3: Here you should include details of duties and responsibilities the post holder will undertake as well as exactly what skills and experience you’re looking for in the perfect candidate.

As tempting as it may be to paste the JD into this section, don’t do it! Instead, pick 3 or 4 key requirements that are essential to the role.

  • Paragraph 4: You can include any additional information you feel will be beneficial to the candidate before concluding with the all-important ‘call to action’ which should give candidates clear instructions on how to apply for the job.

I hope you found the information useful, and you’re well on your way to writing the perfect job advert. If you need any further advice or you’d like a chat about anything recruitment related, feel free to get in touch. The Logic Resourcing team are always happy to help.