100 5-star reviews on Google? Completed it, mate.

If you know anything about the crew here at Logic, you’ll know that we put our heart and soul into matching the most phenomenal candidates into perfect roles with the best employers.

Okay, okay, we also know that EVERY recruitment agency says these things and, well, talk is cheap. It’s about what you do, every single day.

As the title suggests, we have hit 100 5 star reviews on Google!

This is, in our humble opinion, a reflection on the way we work. We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on our service and our relationships with candidates and employers.

So, on behalf of our team, I wanted to take a few minutes to write this and say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review.

There really is no better feeling than placing the right candidate into the right job. In fact, that feeling might only be surpassed by a candidate that we placed going on to absolutely smash it in a role we found for them (and then listening to their new employer ‘wax lyrical’ about them).

Recruitment has a bad reputation. Recruiters are often seen as salesy and pushy. We don’t like this and we want to change perceptions or at least ensure that the experience people have with Logic goes some way to demolishing those stereotypes.

Why are we able to get such good results?

We think that our experience working internally on recruitment for multiple companies in various different sectors has stood us in good stead.

We appreciate the challenges a lot of companies face when trying to identify the right client.

As a recruiter, you have to leave no stone unturned. You have to get to know your candidate, what makes them tick, what motivates them, in what areas do they have the most knowledge and, after discovering all of this, if they are the right fit for the organization you’re looking to place them in.

you are recruiting for.You also need to integrate with the business that you’re working with. You need to understand the culture of the company, what the objectives are, and try to establish the right type of person who can flourish inside the walls (or virtual walls, if the position is strictly WFH) of the company 

We know we do all of the above which is reflective in your abundance of positive reviews.

And from a slightly selfish perspective, we never know where our candidates are going once they join an organisation.

They could potentially be the person in charge of working with us to source new talent in the future, and of course, we want them to recall their own experiences with us fondly.

Ultimately, we’re dealing with humans, and without sounding too cheesy (unlike Steve’s Spotify Playlist), we take this into consideration and put their needs first.

Once again, on behalf of all of us, thank you so much for your reviews and we’ll endeavor to keep up the good work to get another 100 more!

Nice one,