Any business that’s been searching for talent over the last 6 months, will probably know that the market has been tougher than ever.

Skills shortages in many sectors, changing priorities of jobseekers and huge competition to acquire top talent has sent the market spiraling out of control and put candidates firmly in the driving seat!

With no clear signs that the market changing any time soon, I thought I’d share some tips on how to adapt your hiring processes to gain back control and land the perfect candidate.

1. You’ve got to stand out from the crowd.

In a market where all your competitors are probably recruiting, it’s really important that your job stands out. Ask yourself: Why should a candidate apply for my vacancy rather than my competitors? Why would their life be better working for my company? You should use you answers to write a killer job ad!

2. Appreciate the changing demands of candidates.

The first question I get asked by almost every candidate is: Does the role allow flexible / remote working? Flexibility is just one of the factors that’s important to candidates right now, so if you don’t offer it and your competitors do, then you’re going to lose out every time.

3. Give the best candidate experience.

The best candidate will also be interviewing elsewhere, and just as you are assessing them, they’ll be assessing you. Make every interaction positive, sell the business at every opportunity and let them know why it’s an amazing place to work. This could be the deciding factor in getting the candidate to accept your job offer.

4. Adapt your hiring process.

Good candidates are being snapped up fast, so with every day of your interview process that passes is another opportunity for a candidate to lose interest, be tempted by other roles, or get offered another position. You’ve got to be fast and flexible with interviews slots, don’t draw out the process, and be decisive with your final decision.